Buses… buses… and more buses.

Buses in South America the most convenient way to travel across the continent or intercity, as the infrastructure for buses is the most developed to trains or metro. Big plus… THEY ARE SUPER CHEAP.

Our first bus journey ran from Fortaleza – Recife and lasted 14hrs. What we didn’t release was the bus stopped at a self service restaurant before hitting the road. We had already eaten but we were so confused.. we must’ve looked like typical tourists. The journey was actually very comfortable, with reclining seats and a large head rest.

If you choose the bus alternative go for big bus companies as they have modern and very comfortable seats.

Our second bus journey from Recife to Rio was very similar to our first. However this ran 6hours late… be aware that your bus might not arrive on time.

Our third bus journey from Rio to Buenos Aires was the most impressive. We managed to book 4 star seats in the downstairs private cabin. This meant we had full reclining seats, food during the journey and a clear sight line to a tv while only sharing with 4 other people.

Once we crossed the boarder to Argentina, our buses switched and we upgraded to a new 4 star seating bus. This service had a hostess with hot food and alcoholic beverages.

All of this came at the price of £69 ($90).

Buses run between almost all large cities in Brazil and are main transport for long distant journeys.

Good comparison websites are Busbud and Brazilbustravel.

Would we recommend to travel by bus in South America. Yes!! Choose major bus companies as they are specialised for long distant journeys. You will find yourself comfortable and stunned by the beautiful countryside and views.

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