Buenos Aires: 1 Day Tour!

To start your day of with, have a breakfast and great coffee at one of Buenos Aires amazing cafes.

Stop one is the Mercado San Telmo. Located in the heart of Buenos Aires the market which opened its doors in 1897 offers everything from antiques to fresh fruits and coffee.

You can get one of the best coffees in Buenos Aires here. Take some time to walk through the stalls and look out for some bargains.

From here walk only 4mins to Plaza Dorrego.

In this 18th century square wagons with goods would stop.

Today it’s a public space with Cafés, Antique Shops (walk along Defensa), live tango dancers and bars where people just sit have a drink, relax and watch the performers.

|Top tip: Come here on a Sunday when the place transforms into the Feria de San Telmo. Locals as well as tourist will be in the streets watching live tango performer, strolling through the countless stalls and enjoy drinks and music.|

Last stop of the day is the Parque Lezama with the National History Museum.

The park is perfect to just sit down and take a minute for yourself. The museum is unlike many other National Museums just about the Political history of the country. From its colonisation to the independence of Argentina. It is all in Spanish but you can get a folder with pages of Information in English.

We have been lucky as the museum was quite empty and one of the guards gave us a “private” tour. Luckily Nadine speaks Spanish and could translate.



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