Feliza, a place for LGBT in Buenos Aires

Located right on the border of Palermo and Almagro you find Feliza, an LGBT Bar/Club.

This female led bar is open Thursdays to Sunday’s and closed the rest of the week.

It has a great atmosphere, good music and themed cocktails. You can grab some food nachos and pizza as well!

It took us a while to find the entrance as it has no signs visible from the outside. So we headed to the house with the blue Fassade and the rainbow light coming from the inside. As soon as we entered it was quite obvious that this is a place where everyone goes to.

The main bit with stage and bar has tables and seats where you can enjoy the cabaret shows or you can go down the corridor there are different themed rooms and at the end a retro gaming room. Upstairs are two gardens/ a Terrace where you can relax.

The atmosphere was great, the place was filled with locals and tourists partying or just enjoying a social drink.

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