Kathmandu Interloper gridTECH 70l

The interloper gridTECH from Kathmandu is a more expensive travel bag but worth the price. It’s a 70 l Liter backpack with a attachable 18 l Gluon Summit Daypack.

If you are off to a long adventure around the world or trekking the summits of our world, this is the perfect backpack for you.

You get the bag on amazon for 279,99£. Check out the black unisex version here. And the blue Woman’s version here.

The gridTECH fabric makes it resistant and durable to all kinds of weather extremes and don’t worry about dropping it, it can take some beating. The fabric is water resistant and easy to clean. Normally I just wipe the bag from the outside.

The bag has an adjustable C3 ADAPT harness, which you can adjust perfectly fitting to your bag for maximal comfort. If you struggle to proper adjust it you can consult Kathmandu for some help.

It has a quick access lid compartment and an extra compartment at the bottom from where the main space can be accessed.

The bag has a bladder pocket and a secure zipper compartment on the insight. You can access the main space from the top, the bottom and opening the whole main compartment from the front. All zipper docking point can be locked and secure your valuables stay safe.

For transportation the harness can be zipped in with an attached cover so that nothing gets caught. Two handles on each side of the bag assure you to carry your bag even with the cover on.

The only small thing missing which would make it perfect is a rain cover. But as the material is very waterproof too it’s not necessary if you are not in heavy rain areas .

For me this bag has mastered the field test travelling South America. It is easy washable, durable to any bumps and weather conditions, easy accessible, has the right size to fit everything you need and sits perfectly comfortable on your bag.

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