Travelling the world as a couple

Spending the whole weekend with your partner, we all know it, sometimes makes us look forward to Monday’s as we finally have some time for ourselves.

What are the struggles for couples travelling together and what have we learned already?

When we told our friends and family that we will be travelling the world together obviously everyone was very happy and exited for us but there were mixed feelings too. As a couple we have been through ups and downs and admittedly sometimes have some communication issues that lead into arguments quite often (might be a general lesbian thing).

I think we all have been worried about this but we knew that we can make it.

It would be a lie to say it’s easy but it is going very well. Our relationship is growing stronger and we have learned so many things about each other.

Daily struggles include being around each other for 24/7, making decisions, communication and listening to each other during stressful moments and disagreeing in general.

As you are stressed out in certain situations while travelling already, especially if something went wrong. Please remember your partner is stressed out just as much!!!

Some tips how to deal with tricky situations and arguments:

  1. Listen – don’t block that person out just because you are stressed out. Your partner is in the exact same situation and listening first can already prevent misunderstandings and blind shouting at each other.
  2. Patience – not just patience on general but patience for your partner. Your partner might take a little longer to get used to certain places and situations. Just to show a little patience will help your partner as he/she knows he/she have your support.
  3. Being completely honest with each other. Tell your partner if you are uncomfortable in a situation or feel unsafe.
  4. Couple time – it is important not to forget that you guys are a couple on holiday. If you travel for a long time don’t forget to sometimes treat your travels as a holiday. Sometimes couples forget this and get stressed out as they start treating the travels as a sport or job. You need time as a couple, for example book a double room every now and then or just rest couple days without being out and about all day.
  5. Accept that your partner might change in character and behaviour. Travelling and seeing the thing we do while visiting different countries we will change. We will mature and our character will be shaped. You as a partner can’t change that, try and see the good things in your partners new behaviour and try to accept it.

These of course are only tips out of our own experiences so far. There are so many other factors that can affect you and your partner while travelling. The best you can do is always find a balance between travel and spending quality time as a couple.



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