Why We Are Going Away?

To explain everything I have to go back in time and start at the very beginning.

Ever since I was a child, I wanted to travel the world. Living in a small village, where everyone knows each other is very claustrophobic. I always wondered what great adventures I missed out on, not being able to go on holiday abroad as my family did not have the money to.

A different point is, that I never felt comfortable coming out in such a traditional area. I have made so many great experiences here in Scotland, its a much more open and acceptable culture.

So during my A-Levels I threw all my plans away and came as an Au Pair to Scotland. For you to look up, the german agency I came with. They offer a wide range of adventures abroad.

Anyway, after living here for two year, I made many new friends, I have a new family here and gained many unforgettable experiences. But now I had the same feeling I had back home, the feeling of being stuck. I haven’t got the opportunity to study right now due to missing funds. So I thought it might be the perfect opportunity to travel the world instead.

My dad always said he regrets that he never had the chance to travel when he was younger. So i said to myself that I will do it differently.

I just had to convince Sue – IMPOSSIBLE!!!

Well almost impossible 😉

I am from a middle sized town in Scotland called Kilmarnock and it is best known for a television programme called ‘The Scheme’. Unfortunately, Kilmarnock is rough around the edges and faces some economic and drug related issues.

On a more positive note, Kilmarnock is in the middle of Ayrshire which hosts some of the most beautiful landscapes in Scotland. We have acres of farm lan rolling to the coasts and beaches in Troon, Ayr and Prestwick. It truly is a wonderful place to escape to.

As a child, I would regularly go hiking and exploring with my parents. Every Easter break, me and my dad would go the the Lake District in Cumbria; England and climb/walk/wander EVERYWHERE.

I love the outdoors in every shape and form and exploring the world has always been a dream of mine. When I left school, I started my studies in Stage Management at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. I graduate this summer but sometimes life turns the tables.

Going away is what I need to breathe after the stresses of my degree and the past 3years. Meeting Nadine really helped me see that I needed to do something sooner rather than later to get my energy back. Took her ages to convince me, but you should always listen to your partner 🙂

Now we are going away together and I can’t wait to share our future memories with each other and all of you through out blog.