La Paz – Orange City in the Andies

La Paz is the capital of Bolivia and in our opinion very underrated. Located southeast of Lake Titicaca the highest capital city in the world (roughly 3650m) lies majestic in a canyon surrounded by mountains of the Altiplano.

Coming in all you see in houses, orange houses and some little skyscrapers in the centre.

One special attraction you will immediately notice is the cable car system. Opened in 2014 it has currently eight lines in use, three more under construction. With 4000m above sea level, the system is the worlds highest. It is an easy way for locals to get through the crowded city centre.

The city is very crowded, full off cars and people. You will love it and you will hate it.

Economically the city has improved over the past years due to a new political stability. The area of ElAlto grew so fast that in 1987 it was found as its own city independent to La Paz.

Our recommendations on what to do in La Paz:

  1. Cable Car Tour of La Paz and neighbourhoods. The guides will take you on three different cable car lines to the Cementedio General La Paz, to its neighbor city El Alto, the witches market and back into the city centre. (A recommendation from our tour guide is to visit the witches market in El Alto as it is bigger and more authentic)
  1. Black Market in El Alto. Take the red cable car from La Paz to El Alto, switch to the blue line and get off the last stop. If you go from there to the Main Street every Thursday and Sunday you will find the biggest market selling anything you might need.
  2. Go to Plaza Murillo to sit and relax and take some photographs.
  1. A Bolivia Hop tour to Lake Titicaca. If you stay in one of the main hostels/ hotels in the city centre they will pick you up in the morning and drop you back off at night if you do the one day trip, which includes pick up and drop off, Copacabana and a one hour boats drip to and back from the Sun Island to Copacabana. Find our experience here.

We realised as soon as we arrived that we have not planned in enough time for La Paz. We just chose Bolivia as the most convenient place to get to Lake Titicaca but the country and La Paz are definitely underrated and we recommend to stay 3 – 4 days.



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